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4th of July

4th of July

A Family Fun Time!



The 4th of July can be Hot, Noisy, and Exuberant.

There’s loud fireworks, BBQ’s, visitors and parades.

HEAT can be hard on all dogs, and some breeds just cannot tolerate it. Be especially aware of your pets’ needs during this happy (for people) holiday. If you are outside, check the dog’s water supply frequently, if you are inside, put fresh water out in the morning and check it a few times a day. Your dog can indeed suffer from heat exhaustion.

Be aware of these signs: Potential heat stroke signs include glazed eyes, excessive drooling, a rapid heart rate, dizziness, lack of coordination, or loss of consciousness. These symptoms sound extreme, but they can happen – especially with the short-nosed breeds.

More Tips for a Happier Holiday with your Pets

Some of these tips on how to keep your pets safe and calm during this Independence Day are offered by the AKC.

  • Rather than taking your pet with you, keep them at home.

  • More dogs run away during the 4th of July celebrations than any other time.

  • Beware that dog tags and collars fall off. Be sure your dog is microchipped if at all possible. The AKC has a recovery service called AKC Reunite, visit them at akcreunite.org for more information.

  • Excited dogs may be tempted to jump over the fence to find you if left outdoors in your yard while you are gone.

These two are looking for their owners on a hot dry day. Hopefully they will find them before the dog catcher team finds them.

  • If your dog runs away, they are scared and dash away quickly before you know it. If this happens, check with your neighbors as soon as you discover it. Then the Dog Control Unit of the police department if you live in town, then local dog rescue shelters, then the AKC and SPCA. Wait a few hours to call these groups, because the dog will have to be found, caught, and taken to the shelters.

Fireworks may frighten your dog – the loud noise of the mini-explosions are too loud and harsh for some pets.

  • Keep your dog in a room where they can feel comfortable.

  • If your dog is crate trained, put him in his crate covered with a blanket to make him feel secure.

  • Block outside sights and sounds as much as possible. Turn on the TV to help muffle the outside noises.

  • If your pet seems overly anxious, spend a little time with them. Speak soothingly to help them relax.

  • There are calming medicines available over the counter or online. One we like is Pet Approved RX’s Adaptil Diffuser Kit Wall Plug-In. The diffuser contains pheromones that help an animal relax.

Tips to Remember

  • Never feed your pets scraps from your grill. Charred meat can be harmful to them. In addition, certain foods like onions, avocados, grapes, and raisins can be toxic.

  • Avoid spraying your pet with insect repellent and only use sunscreen made especially for animals.

  • Definitely keep them away from any sparklers, snakes, firecrackers, smoke bombs, etc. that seem harmless.

These tips are really common sense. The Benefit is a happy family, a happy pet. What could be better?

With that in mind….

Have a Great 4th of July!

My little Shih Tzu spokesperson. Her name is Docious. In the past she has crawled under the gate and run off during thunderstorms. She really becomes frightened. And fireworks are overwhelming. Just an example of a dog’s reaction to noise. More about her later.

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Whenever you bring a brand new puppy home, all your planning is paying off.  There’s new toys, food and water, a collar and a bed and crate for him.  There’s uncontrolled happiness and excitement in the air. All the members of your household — kids, dad, grandma and grandpa, and other dogs and cats – want to become the perfect puppy’s perfect buddy, patting and stroking him. Taking care of him. Is that what is the best for the new puppy?  Maybe not.

It’s important to explain to your children that when this little guy was big enough to find a new home and leave his mother and brothers and sisters, he was placed in a crate; put in a car and driven off with strangers. He’s probably had this happen only once or twice before.  It is a whole world of new things, and the puppy might be overwhelmed and frightened.  Knowing these things, the children will be sure to do what you have talked to them about how to handle and care for the new puppy.  The Doggy Wonderland has a great selection of kits and other items for puppies.

Your puppy must have had his first series of vaccinations when you get him. No reputable pet store or dog breeder will sell puppies without their vaccinations.

A short, quick walk when you get home will be beneficial. A walk will give him a bit of a work-out and he’ll feel less stressed, so he can come in and go to sleep.

Put him in his bed and try to settle him down as soon as possible. If you were given a blanket for him that smells of his old home, add that to his bed now.  The Doggy Wonderland has blankets and Furhaven has wonderful beds of all shapes and sizes.

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You’d also do well to include a hot water bottle safely covered with a blanket, and some authorities recommend adding a clock that ticks nearby, to remind the puppy of his mother’s beating heart. A new puppy will usually sleep for an hour or so.

our entire family should be warned not to touch him until he awakens. He’s only a few weeks old and needs his sleep. Take him outside to let him go potty right away when he wakes up. Praise him generously if he does go potty. This will start his training.

By this time the children will be so excited to hold the new puppy they can hardly contain themselves. Caution them to be gentle. Permit them to stroke him one at a time. The puppy will be happy and probably lick the children.

Don’t let your puppy get too frisky with the children; he must understand that children are higher in rank than he is. He has to know his place in a firm but kind way. In case your puppy does get too excited, then your children must learn to say “no!” in a firm way and to walk away from the puppy.

When night-time comes, you should have had time to decide where your puppy is going to sleep at night. Put him in his crate, he will learn that it is his safe cave, and that he can go there to be quiet and get some peace. Your children must be taught not to disturb him when he is in his crate.  The Doggy Wonderland has wee-wee pads and poop bags.

You must let him out of his crate first thing in the morning to go potty. He won’t want to urinate in the crate. Dogs always want to urinate away from their bed. However, he might have an accident so you should be prepared for that with plenty of newspaper or a puppy pad placed at the end of his crate. But he’ll make the effort not to use it.

Tired. contented puppy

If you are firm, and most importantly consistent with your puppy, he can quickly learn what’s OK and what’s not. Never hit your puppy with a newspaper or some object, as it teaches him nothing other than the fact that you are cruel to him.

If you just keep praising him a great deal for every good thing he does, then he will do his best to please you by doing what you reward him for doing. He really wants to make you happy. It is the perfect reward for him!

Does Your Dog Go Crazy After a Bath?

You’re having fun with your dog — warm running water, soap suds everywhere, your dog giving you a pleading look – fun for you maybe, but not the pooch.

As soon as you’ve given the final spray and grabbed the towel to wrap your dog, away she goes, tearing around the house as fast as she can go.  Rolling and rubbing on the bare floor or carpet, she doesn’t care which.  Sometimes she jumps up on the furniture or rubs against the sofa, escaping out the door seems like the best bet to her.

Going outside is great, if she doesn’t head for the flower bed.  Then you have to start over again.  Did I say fun?

There’s a common name for this crazy, boundless energy and behavior.  It’s called the zoomies.  And your dog can’t help it.  The reason varies from dog to dog.  Some may get a case of the zoomies after being restrained for a period of time, such as being bathed or groomed or confined in their crate.

We’ll cover the following reasons that dogs zoom in detail on the following pages.

  • They’re showing relief their bath is over
  • After a bath zooming helps your dog dry off
  • They’re trying to get their own scent back
  • They’re releasing pent up energy
  • They may have water in their ears

Your Dog Is Showing Relief Their Bath Is Over

Your dog may dislike their bath, and one reason they go happy crazy afterwards is because it’s over.  (What a relief.)  Taking off before you can grab them is the best way for them to escape.

There’s something about bath time that makes a dog pout.  One of my dogs will go and hide if her sister is shampooed first.  Then she practically braces her legs when I try to get her out from behind the sofa, or wherever she’s hiding this time.  Even if you have a water-loving dog, chances are they’re not fond of bath time.  I pet and talk to mine to keep her calm, but as soon as she sees the tub, it’s “Annie get your gun!”

Maybe it’s the shampoo.  Be sure to use ‘no tears’ shampoo.

Maybe they don’t like the scent of the shampoo.  Try switching to a different scent.

Maybe they don’t like the temperature of the water.  Adjust it to their liking if you can.  Some dogs have very sensitive skin, and the water could very easily be too hot for them.

Then the zoomies set in.

The Scientific name is FRAPs (Frenetic Random Activity Periods).  Zoomies is easier to remember.

How do you deal with this?

After A Bath Zooming Helps Your Dog Dry Off

 Dry them off, rubbing them with towels.  Let them shake and run around.  All you have is messy floors.  That’s the way the dog dries off.  That’s normal.  And apparently they love all that running as fast as they can.

Some dogs rub their head on the floor with their butt in the air.  Another way they help with the drying process is rub against your furniture, stuffed sofas and chairs in particular.

You can use a hair dryer or a fan, especially if the weather is cold and they shouldn’t go outside with damp fur.  They may object to the hair dryer, if so, they will have to stay inside until they feel dry.  For dogs with long thick hair, or a double coated dog, drying will take longer.  There are several types of coats on dogs.  We will discuss that in detail in another blog post, and how to care for them.

 Your dog is trying to get his own scent back

Dogs sense of smell is said to be a thousand times more sensitive than that of a human.  So when we take away their special scent by bathing them, they try to get it back.  Lemon, rose or lavender doesn’t necessarily smell good to them.

It’s natural for them to want to run outside and roll in stuff that smells good to them.  Gross stuff like carcasses, compost piles and excrement.

Rolling around and rubbing against everything in the house is a quick way for dogs to get some of their distinctive scent back after a bath.  It took them a while to develop their unique scent, and you just washed away their hard work.

Your Dog Is Releasing Pent Up Energy

Many dogs feel restrained and stressed when being bathed.  They tolerate it, but it’s not something they are anxious to do.  When they’re finally able to jump out of the tub they seem to be experiencing pure freedom.  No longer held back by you (their evil shampoo wielding owner) they are free, and with freedom comes excitement.  Thus the zoomies.

A method of reducing stress is taking your dog for a short walk before their bath.  They get destressed and a little tired so the zoomies won’t seem so attractive.  Plus, it’s good exercise for you – as if leaning over the tub, holding a rambunctious dog down while you try to shampoo them, is not.

They May Have Water in Their Ears

Water in your dogs ears is very unpleasant.  That’s one of the reasons they rub their ears on the floor with their butt in the air.

Dry their ears with a towel as well as you can.  If they are still being bothered by the water, use a cotton ball to gently pat a little further inside their ear.

Never use a Q-tip in their ears.  Their ears could be easily injured.

And it’s all worth it!